Wednesday, August 17, 2011

garden troll

I finally finished my first rug that was just hooked not hooked and locked.  It was fun and I think my troll is cute and shy.  It is based on a chantel's stain glass window.  I used felt because it was really inexpensive to see if I liked makeing the rug.  It took time, but I like it better than locker hooking because you can get smaller detail.  This creature is now gracing the entry into my art room.  Happy quilting/art making all!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

karis ' quilt

  Here is Karis' latest and greatest.  She just finished it yesterday.  It makes me want to get back to my king size grandmas garden with 1 inch hexagons that I am quilting closer than a 1/4 inch apart.  What was I thinking???  It will look awesome if I ever get around to finishing it.  Do you have a quilt you want done, will look great, but is somehow being procrastinated on??  I probably have more than one...  I promised myself I would finish them all, just didnt give myself a finish date :)  Happy quilting!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I have been torn between three projects, with one I want to get back to, and of course a few I want to start. I have been trying to finish these three, a crocheted skirt, a hooked rug, and a table runner. Because I can't decide which one I want finished first, I have been dividing my time between the three. It is actually good. My hands get to move differently, I get exercise in walking between the three, and my brain can get exercise as well. How many of you claim walking around your quilt room as exercise?? I soo want to start another quilt, but I think I will try and be good... Here is to another beautiful day tomorrow full of projects, garden , kid, and husband time :) The picture is of a rug I crocheted from my leftover fabric scrap strips. Happy quilting!