Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving thanks

What a wonderful time I have had with friends and family over Thanksgiving and today we headed into the mountains and brought home our very own Charlie Brown tree. It is very cute, and a little sparser than we thought when we chose it :) Most of my gifts are made and done and just a few more presents to buy. Time to snuggle down and choose to quilt, crochet, or maybe try and learn the elusive knitting stitch that my 8 year old can do (after she stole my beginning needles and decided she was going to learn instead of me!). Currently I am stalled on a quilt that needs to be done by January because EQ7 measured a sq as 10X10, so that is what I made it (what they actually meant was that it was 10 inches by 10 inches on point, so the sq is actually a 7 inch sq. False advertising I say and now I am out of fabric and my border is to small, grrrrrr). So, I am practicing my lamaze breathing to rid my frustration and I think I will settle down with a good magazine while staring at our Christmas tree. Have a relaxing time quilting!!!